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Regional transitional arrangements

Following community consultation, these transitional arrangements (PDF 3.3MB) are now in place in response to the move of year 7 to high school.

Only primary schools that are more than 20 km by road from their local area or high school (including School of the Air) are eligible for these arrangements.

These arrangements will apply for a transition period (2022-2024) to 45 eligible schools

Exemption to remain in primary school

Year 7 is now part of high school in South Australian public schools. 

During the transition period, parents at eligible primary schools can seek an exemption from the principal to keep their year 6 child in primary school for year 7, where special circumstances exist. 

The guidance for parents outlines how parents can apply for an exemption to their primary school principal. Parents need to apply for an exemption when their child is in year 6. Exemptions are expected to be finalised in week 4 of term 2 in the year a parents applies.

This is a firm cut-off date so schools can plan and parents will be unable to apply for an exemption after this date.

The principal at an eligible school has delegated authority during the transitional period to approve a student remaining in primary school for year 7. 

Key dates for when exemptions must be finalised

  • If your child is in year 7 in 2023, your application must be approved by Friday 17 June 2022.

Consultation process

Communities were invited to have their say on how year 7 will move to high school through a series of forums in regional South Australia, and through the yourSAy website

Consultation occurred from July to September 2019.

The community feedback (PDF 412KB) captures the contributions made throughout the consultation process. 

Enrolment Capacity and Transition Unit

Phone: 8266 3953
EmailEducation.ECTU [at] sa.gov.au