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Hospital School of South Australia's hospital education programs

The Hospital School of South Australia (HSSA) provides education programs for students with physical or mental health needs who have been admitted to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital (WCH) or Flinders Medical Centre (FMC). 

Students receive personalised learning through targeted teaching based on educational and developmental assessment, where necessary. 

The HSSA works with schools from all sectors. It supports students to continue their education while admitted for healthcare. The HSSA teaches students preschool to year 12.

Eligibility for the program

To be part of a HSSA educational program, students must be an inpatient of either the WCH or the FMC, a sibling from country and rural areas or an outpatient where appropriate. 

How a referral is made

When a student is admitted to either the WCH or FMC, clinical staff from the hospitals will assess their ability to participate in the HSSA educational programs.

HSSA leaders attend each hospital’s daily hand-over process where they receive information about admitted children and young people. 

Hospital School of South Australia programs

Each student’s program is personalised based on assessed educational and development needs.

Students may receive teaching on the ward or they may attend one of the HSSA classrooms located at the WCH or FMC. This will depend on availability. 

HSSA staff work with students’ schools to coordinate their learning programs and to remain in direct contact through IT. They also work with schools to create strong transition pathways back into school. 

HSSA educational programs are consistent with school learning programs in, for example:

  • literacy
  • numeracy
  • social and emotional wellbeing.

Learning and Behaviour

Phone: 8226 2557
Email: educationLBU [at] sa.gov.au