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Registered Nurse Delegation of Care program referrals

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The Registered Nurse Delegation of Care Program (RNDCP) is a community based program provided through the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Disability Services unit.

The RNDCP allows children with complex health needs and/or a disability to safely access community services including preschool, school, childcare, out of school hours care, in home support and respite.

How to access RNDCP

Where a child requires complex or invasive health support a WCHN Disability Services referral form (DOC 277 KB) is required. The referral is completed by the education or care service and parents.

If you are unsure contact a Referral Coordinator:

Phone: (08) 8159 9400
Email: Health.WCHNDisabilityServices [at] sa.gov.au

What happens next

A Registered Nurse works in partnership with the child, parent and health professionals to complete a health assessment. The level of care required will be assessed and a health care plan developed.

Where the child has a health care plan completed by a health professional the supports will be developed to meet requirements of the care plan.

The Registered Nurse provides competency assessed training and guidance to Health Support Workers that will be providing care for the child. Training is individualised to the specific requirements of the child as documented in the care plan and/or support agreement.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Where a child is eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) it is important for the parent to inform the NDIS planner to have the RNDCP added to the child’s NDIS plan.

NDIS details should be included on the referral form (DOC 277 KB) .


Disability advice and research

Phone: 8226 0515
Email: education.health [at] sa.gov.au