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Pathways to further education and employment for country students

Students in country schools can explore a range of pathway options to further their education and employment including:

  • the traditional SACE to university model
  • vocational education and training (VET)
  • apprenticeships or traineeships.  

Specialist schools and programs like the South Australian Aboriginal Secondary Training Academy (SAASTA) can also help students identify their interests and strengths to help them decide on their future.

Flexible industry pathways to employment

Flexible industry pathways develop school student's skills, knowledge and experience in areas that are most valued by employers. Students will be better prepared for real-word jobs in key growth industries across metropolitan and country SA.

Flexible industry pathways include VET qualifications at Certificate II and III level. They also include enterprise and employability skills training delivered through SACE, and any specific industry requirements linked to the pathway.

The pathways include compulsory SACE subjects so that students can complete their SACE alongside their VET qualification.

Flexible industry pathways are currently being piloted in 6 different country areas, with the initial industry focus areas of:

  • forestry
  • agriculture
  • aquaculture
  • hospitality
  • electro-technology
  • engineering.

For more information visit pathways to further education and employment.

Entrepreneurial specialist schools initiative

Entrepreneurial specialist schools deliver learning programs that promote and encourage entrepreneurial thinking in students.

Two of the state’s 5 specialist entrepreneurial schools include:

These country specialist schools receive funding to:

  • develop dedicated entrepreneurial spaces and resources
  • hire specialist staff
  • support engagement with business and industry
  • identify relevant pathways for young people
  • support effective career counselling processes.

The curriculum resources developed by these specialist schools will be shared and used across the state. This might lead to other country schools offering entrepreneurial education within their curriculum in the future.

For more information, visit entrepreneurial learning schools, support and strategy.

Special interest high schools

Several country high schools offer special interest activities or programs as a key focus. These activities and programs give students extra learning opportunities that aren’t usually available in schools.

A list of these schools is below. The school or program you’re interested in might not be listed, so contact your school directly to find out what they offer.

For more information visit list of high schools with special interest or specialist programs.

List of special interest country schools

School Specialist interest
Ardrossan Area School Trade training centre
Balaklava High School

Trade training centre

Coober Pedy Area School Trade training centre
Coomandook Area School Trade training centre
Edward John Eyre High School Trade training centre
Ernabella Anangu School Trade training centre
Gladstone High School Trade training centre
Glossop High School Senior Campus           Trade training centre
Grant High School Trade training centre
Kangaroo Inn Area School Primary industries and rural operations
Kangaroo Island Community Education Trade training centre
Lucindale Area School Primary industries and rural operations
Mount Compass Area School Trade training centre
Mount Gambier High School


Athletics and athlete development







Murray Bridge High School


Trade training centre

Nuriootpa High School Trade training centre
Open Access College Languages
Quorn Area School Trade training centre
Renmark High School Primary industries and rural operations
Roxby Downs Area School

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)

Trade training centre

South Australian Aboriginal Secondary Training Academy (SAASTA)

SAASTA provides Aboriginal high school students with a unique sporting and educational program.

The academy is offered in a large number of country schools in all regions across the state for SACE students in years 10, 11 and 12.

SAASTA builds on the education offered in schools, giving students opportunities for:

  • highly engaging learning and personal development
  • ongoing personal growth and cultural experience.

Find out more about the South Australian Aboriginal Secondary Training Academy.