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Preschool subsidy for children with a disability

Non-government preschool service providers receive funding of up to $3080 per annum for each eligible child with a recognised disability or medical condition who attends the program.


Preschool providers offering services to children with a recognised disability or medical condition that need additional support to access and participate are eligible for funding if the child has a health care card with the CD code (child disability) and an individual learning support plan (ILSP).

To claim the maximum subsidy of $3140, a child must be enrolled in the preschool program for 30 hours per fortnight. Where a child is enrolled for less than 15 hours per week, funding will be calculated on a pro–rata basis dependent on the number of hours enrolled.

Funding claim and payments

Funding for this initiative is claimed through the quarterly Non-Government Preschool Data System (NGPDS).

Payments to the service will be made by electronic funds transfer. These payments must be detailed in the service’s annual financial statement to the department.

You must complete a disability funding information form (PDF 219KB) for each child for whom funding is claimed. The completed form must be kept by the service for a minimum of 7 years.

Preschool Policy and Programs

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