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Enrolling in the South Australian Aboriginal Secondary Training Academy (SAASTA)

There are 3 types of SAASTA academy:

All SAASTA students must still attend their academic subjects back in their main schools.

Enrolling in SAASTA

Enrolment to our school-based academies is open to all students and typically takes place during a school’s subject counselling.

Getting accepted into a SAASTA academy

Acceptance into a SAASTA academy is dependent on each individual student’s:

  • attendance
  • behaviour
  • commitment to studies
  • attitude to themselves and others.

Students interested in joining a school-based SAASTA academy should contact that school and ask to speak to the SAASTA coordinator. 

Students interested in joining a sport specific SAASTA academy should contact the SAASTA team using the contact details below.


Phone: 8226 1204
EmailEducation.SAASTA [at] sa.gov.au