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SAASTA Connect curriculum program

SAASTA Connect is a curriculum program for year 8 and 9 Aboriginal students aiming to do SAASTA in years 10, 11 and 12. The program is a series of culturally appropriate curriculum resources that can be delivered by existing school staff. 

The resources focus on:

  • healthy living
  • cultural identity
  • Aboriginal language
  • traditional sports
  • respectful relationships.

Running SAASTA Connect at your school

The SAASTA Connect curriculum has previously been run as a standalone subject. Starting in 2019 schools can run SAASTA Connect as a health and physical education (HPE) subject or a humanities and social sciences (HASS) subject.

Four students being instructed by two SAASTA team members. Everyone is smiling.


Benefits for students

Students who put in a solid effort during Connect classes will be rewarded with invitations to major camps and carnivals throughout the year.

One aim of the Connect program is to act as a pre-entry engagement and incentive program to the SAASTA Academy already operating in the school.

For further information contact the SAASTA Curriculum Coordinator on Education.SAASTA@sa.gov.au.


Phone: 8226 1204
EmailEducation.SAASTA [at] sa.gov.au