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Bike education, safe cycling and road rules

This teacher resource has been developed to assist the classroom implementation of the bike education program and was specifically designed to focus on the areas of safe cycling and road rules, and to re-engage students with bikes and their benefits.

Alignment to the Australian Curriculum and Teaching for Effective Learning framework

The program links to the Australian Curriculum and the Teaching for Effective Learning (TfEL) pedagogy framework.

There are clear links between the bike education program and various learning areas in the Australian Curriculum. As part of this trial, the bike education program focuses on Year 8 achievement standards and content descriptions and fits primarily within the humanities and social sciences and the mathematics learning areas.

With teacher interest and thoughtful planning, the bike safety and road rules concept can also be incorporated across other learning areas of the Australian Curriculum and adapted for other year levels. Appendix 7 provides suggested Australian Curriculum content descriptions for other learning areas in year 8 that could be used to teach bike education. 

Key outcomes

Key outcomes for this program:

  • empower students to take responsibility for their actions and learning
  • fulfil curriculum requirements
  • engage students in meaningful, real life activities
  • give students opportunities to have a voice and participate in problem solving and decision-making
  • increase knowledge of safe cycling and road rules and re-engage students with bikes and their benefits.

Bike education resources

Bike education program resources include an introductory video, the bike education resource – and appendices as separate files.

Introducing the secondary school bike education program (video)

Program history

The bike education program was developed in response to a recommendation from South Australia's second Citizens' Jury, where 37 every-day South Australians were charged with finding innovative ideas that could be trialled so that all road users could share the roads safely.

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