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Improved internet for schools

We’re currently working with Telstra to connect over 99% of public schools in SA to high-speed fibre optic cable.

We'll use other solutions to provide the 3 remaining schools with high-speed internet – Maree Aboriginal School, Oak Valley Aboriginal School, and Leigh Creek Area School. SWiFT will also be implemented in all preschools and children centres across the state, except in these 3 areas.

Every public school, teacher, and student will have access to high-speed, reliable internet, at the speed they need, when they need it – regardless of location. This is one of the biggest information technology projects we’ve ever taken on.

An inspired name

The project’s name, SWiFT, is inspired by the great speed and velocity of the swift family of birds, sparking imagination and connection to the natural world. Remarkable creatures, swifts are renowned for being fast, nimble, and flying very long distances at high-speed. SWiFT is similarly designed to inspire and uplift our students, with technology enabling their thirst for knowledge and imagination to soar to faraway places.

How better internet service helps schools

We’re keen to see students improve academic outcomes by connecting, collaborating, creating, and accessing online resources more readily.

We want to support our educators to deliver curriculum in modern ways. Reliable internet will help our staff to access the tools they need to deliver world-class education. Our goal is to prepare our students for jobs of the future.

Other benefits include:

  • the ability for all students to undertake subjects regardless of location – e.g. virtual excursions, long-distance learning
  • greater collaboration between educators locally and globally
  • attraction and retention of quality teachers in regional schools.

SWiFT project schedule

Keen to know when your school is scheduled to light up fast, reliable internet? Enter your school name below to see when your school is estimated for roll-out.