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Banksia Park International HS


610 Milne Road
Banksia Park 5091 SA




Tectvs Pty Ltd


Harrold & Kite Pty Ltd

Construction commenced


Construction completed


Key improvements

  • Refurbishment of existing studios and dark rooms into a computing and maker space with computers that allow students to work on gaming design, architectural design and 3D modelling.  A DigiTech lab and photo studio will support digital design, photography and film.
  • Under-utilised space within the resource centre will be opened up to create modern, flexible spaces which are visually connected and are adaptable to allow use by classes, groups or individuals to provide opportunities for collaboration, presentation and individual work.
  • The central activity space will be highly flexible with easily movable furniture to suite a variety of organised and casual uses, with storage and device charging stations included.  An outdoor testing space adjacent to the central activity area will provide room for large scale testing and group observation with seating.

Project timeline

Construction completed

Architect appointed

Planning study completed

Builder appointed

Construction commenced

Construction completed


STEM Works Team

Phone: 8226 1578
Emaileducation.STEMWorks [at] sa.gov.au