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Birdwood High School

Birdwood High School - interior view


Shannon Street
Birdwood 5234 SA




Walter Brooke and Associates Pty Ltd


FDC Construction & Fitout (SA) Pty Ltd

Construction commenced


Construction completed


Key improvements

  • The STEM facility proposes an adaptable environment enabling large and small activities to take place, with flexible doors that enable the large space to be divided into smaller areas to suit different modes of learning such as collaboration, innovation and interdisciplinary learning. 
  • The fit out of the facility will include a suite of furniture that enables teachers and students to adapt their space to suit different activities and facilitate creative thinking.  Mobile units with built-in storage can be reconfigures to create individual working zones, maker spaces and build zones.
  • Access to an external learning space with a revamped amphitheatre will provide an ideal location to support a focus on STEM learning including drones, local biodiversity surveys, astronomy and robotics. 

Project timeline

Construction completed

Architect appointed

Planning study completed

Builder appointed

Construction commenced

Construction completed


STEM Works Team

Phone: 8226 1578
Emaileducation.STEMWorks [at] sa.gov.au