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Enfield Primary School


Clarice Avenue
Enfield 5085 SA




Catalyst Architects Pty Ltd


G-Force Building and Consulting

Construction commenced


Construction completed


Key improvements

  • Existing classrooms will be refurbished to create a 'learning hub' which will support a transparent and technology rich environment.  Interconnected learning areas will provide opportunities for teachers and students to work collaboratively on a multi-disciplinary approach to learning.
  • Improved flexibility and adaptability of learning areas inside and outside will assist students to increase their development of skills in collaborative problem solving, critical and innovative thinking with the integration of STEM principles into the everyday learning experience.
  • The covered outdoor learning areas will support better connections with the environment and different modes of learning to inspire students to inquire, think, investigate, make and innovate in collaboration with their peers.

Project timeline

Construction completed

Architect appointed

Planning study completed

Builder appointed

Construction commenced

Construction completed


STEM Works Team

Phone: 8226 1578
Emaileducation.STEMWorks [at] sa.gov.au