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Paralowie School

Paralowie School - Room 19


Whites Road
Paralowie 5108 SA




Matthews & Partners Pty Ltd


Pascale Construction Pty Ltd

Construction commenced


Construction completed


Key improvements

  • Conversion of traditional Design and Technology workshops into more flexible and collaborative learning spaces providing display spaces, 3D printing areas, wet spaces, storage as well as peripheral preparation and small group work areas. Existing hallways will be widened to create break out spaces from technology rooms and STEM/design rooms.
  • Refurbishment of existing junior primary general learning areas to provide shared working areas to accommodate teams of various sizes, allowing an extension and strengthening of current pedagogical practices to include more use of student centred exploratory, inquiry based and practical hands on learning experiences. Activities will have a problem based learning approach to explore contemporary challenges linking to real world problems.
  • A direct link to an outdoor learning area and existing amphitheatre provides an excellent outdoor STEM learning environment and an opportunity for improved learning experiences.


Project timeline

Construction completed

Architect appointed

Planning study completed

Builder appointed

Construction commenced

Construction completed


STEM Works Team

Phone: 8226 1578
Emaileducation.STEMWorks [at] sa.gov.au