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Flutes of Fleurieu eligibility, auditions and fees

The Flutes of Fleurieu (FOF) is a flute ensemble for SA government school students of the flute in years 5 to 9. Participating in the FOF ensemble gives students opportunities to:

  • challenge and improve their musical and technical skills
  • perform in concerts and at high-profile venues.

This ensemble consists of up to 15 players and offers access to the piccolo as well as alto and bass flutes.

FOF aims to foster a love and understanding of music, develop skills in ensemble playing and facilitate the building of friendships with other flute players from a broad cross-section of SA government schools.


All years 5 to 9 flute students in SA government schools in 2022 can apply. Entry is by audition.


Audition requirements

The audition takes approximately 10 minutes.

The standard required is beyond beginner level.

Applicants should prepare to present:

  • scales, to be played at quaver = 60-80
    • any major scale of your choice, ascending and descending in one breath
    • any major scale of your choice, with 3 or more sharps or flats in the key signature
    • a chromatic scale descending to the lowest note in your range
  • 2 pieces of your own choice that demonstrate technical and musical ability at your current level
    • of at least one minute in length
    • unaccompanied
    • contrasting in style, tempo, register, or rhythm.
  • a small piece of sight reading provided at the audition.

Booking an audition

To book your audition, use our online booking form

Auditions are:

  • Date: Wednesday 24 November 2021 
  • Time: 4.00pm to 6.00pm
  • Location: Brighton Secondary School, 305 Brighton Road, North Brighton 5048.

Audition form

Print the student ensemble application form (Word 174KB) and take to your audition.

Want to be in more than one ensemble?

Opportunities to be part of the Primary School Music Festival – Festival of Music Orchestras are available for 2022. More information is on the Primary Schools Music Festival website.

To audition once for more than one ensemble:

Want to apply on more than one instrument?

You must book an audition for each instrument you want to apply for. 

Expectations of members

Ensemble members are expected to:

  • participate in all programmed performances and events
  • engage positively with the entire team
  • attend rehearsals and learn music for performances
  • cover the costs of membership, including providing suitable clothing.

Attending rehearsals

Rehearsals start week 3 of term 1 2022. Rehearsals are every Tuesday from 4.30pm to 6.00pm at Brighton Secondary School, 305 Brighton Road, North Brighton 5048 (subject to change).

Members are expected to learn the music before rehearsals. If needed, they should ask their instrumental music teacher for help.

If a member can't attend a rehearsal, they should let the conductor know via phone or email.

Rehearsal and performance uniforms

Members must wear school uniform to rehearsals.

For performances, members must wear:

  • a white, collared shirt (short or long sleeved)
  • a very bright and colourful tie
  • black trousers or a black skirt
  • black socks or stockings
  • respectful black shoes.

Membership fees

The membership fee for the FOF is $55 per year.

Instrumental Music Leader, Learning Pathways

Phone: 0458 185 152
EmailEducation.Ensembles669 [at] schools.sa.edu.au