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Primary Schools Guitar Ensemble eligibility, auditions and fees

The Primary Schools Guitar Ensemble (PSGE) provides a valuable opportunity for young classical guitarists to play with other musicians.

The PSGE performs as a guest artist in a variety of settings, including some of the major performance venues in Adelaide.

The repertoire for this ensemble includes music representing a range of musical styles, selected to suit the specific nature of the instrument.


All classical (nylon string) guitar (using finger style technique) students in SA government primary and secondary schools, years 5 to 7 in 2022 are eligible to apply. Entry is by audition.

Steel string acoustic guitars, electric guitars and plectrum technique are not appropriate for this ensemble.


Audition requirements

The audition takes approximately 10 minutes.

Applicants should have been learning for more than 1 year.

Applicants should prepare to present:

  • 3 one octave scales, including a chromatic scale (it is suggested that a variety of scales are demonstrated, for example, major or minor, flat or sharp keys)
  • one piece of your choice that demonstrates technical and musical ability at your current level (unaccompanied)
  • ‘Waltz’ by Daniel Fortea.

Required skills

PSGE Applicants are expected to have reasonable mastery of the following techniques:

  • rest stroke (apoyando)
  • free stroke (tirando)
  • arpeggios (pimami)
  • block chords (pima)
  • half barres
  • upward slurs
  • downward slurs.

Booking an audition

To book your audition, use our online booking form.

Auditions are:

  • Date: Thursday 3 March 2022
  • Time: 9.00am to 11.00am
  • Location: Klemzig instrumental music office, 28 Hay Street, Klemzig.

Audition form

Print the student ensemble application form (Word 174KB) and take to your audition.

Expectations of members

Ensemble members are expected to:

  • participate in all programmed performances and events
  • engage positively with the entire PSGE team
  • attend rehearsals and learn music for performances
  • cover the costs of membership, including providing suitable clothing.

Attending rehearsals

Rehearsals start in week 6 of term 1, 2022. Rehearsals will occur weekly on Wednesday afternoons from 3.45pm to 5.15pm, at Highbury Primary School, Payne Street, Hope Valley. 

Members are expected to learn the music before rehearsals. If necessary, they should ask their instrumental music teacher for help.

If a member cannot attend a rehearsal, they should notify the conductor via phone or email.

Rehearsal and performance uniforms

Members should wear school uniform to rehearsals.

For performances, members must wear:

  • quality, respectful black trousers or a black skirt
  • a white shirt or top
  • black shoes
  • black socks.

Membership costs

The membership fee for the PSGE is $55 per year.

Members are also expected to purchase a ‘neck up’ guitar support (approximately $80). 

Instrumental Music Leader, Learning Pathways

Phone: 0458 185 152
EmailEducation.Ensembles669 [at] schools.sa.edu.au