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School Sport SA at home

During the break in regular school sport programs, School Sport SA will be providing a range of initiatives and resources to support students, schools and families in helping students stay sporty.
Check back here for regular updates.

Virtual Cross Country


Results - SA vs WA

Age groups and distances:

Age Group Year of Birth Distance
5 years 2015 500m
6 years 2014 750m
7 years 2013 1000m
8 years 2012 1500m
9 years 2011 1500m
10 years 2010 2000m
11 years 2009 3000m
12 years 2008 3000m
13 years 2007 3000m
14 years 2006 3000m
15 years 2005

Boys - 4000m

Girls - 3000m

16 years 2004

Boys - 5000m

Girls - 4000m


(17-19 years)

2001 - 2003

Boys - 6000

Girls - 4000

Students with Disabilities (Multiclass)
5 - 6 years 2015 - 2014 500m
7 - 9 years 2013 - 2011 1000m
10 - 12 years 2008 - 2010 2000m
13 - 19 years 2001 - 2007 3000m



Ultimate Team Juggle Challenge

The Ultimate Team Juggle Challenge has closed.
Check out the winners video's on our Facebook page


Hannah and Chloe Bellinger from Beachport Primary School

Trick Shot Challenge

The Trick Shot Challenge has closed.
Over 200 entries were received from all over the state!
Check out the winners video's on our Facebook page


Primary winner: Archie Fitzgerald, year 6, Cummins Area School
Secondary winner: Tom Ebourne, year 9, Woodcroft College
Overall school winners: Glenelg Primary School, Pedare Christian College, Prince Alfred College

Backyard Sports

You might need to get a bit creative, but in many situations, students (and parents and staff) will still be able to engage in sport while at home.
There are so many options, some depending on equipment available, but here are some examples to get you going.

    State/National Sporting Organisation at Home Programs

    These are the programs we are aware of but we are sure there are plenty more out there.
    Please email us any any other state or national sporting organisations with similar programs and we will regularly update our list.

    Sport Specific Skill Development

    This booklet is to support students, teachers and parents in developing students' sport specific skills and is open for use for any age group (R to 10).

      Online Officiating Courses

      A great opportunity for students to upskill themselves while developing their capabilities is through online officiating courses.

      Fitness Apps

      There are a number of apps which allow you to track your physical performance/development and to compare/compete with others in improving your cardiovascular endurance.
      Research which one suits you best to keep active.


      School Sport SA

      Phone: 8416 5900
      Email: education.schoolsportsa [at] sa.gov.au