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Online parent engagement course for teachers

Children and young people learn every day, at home, at school and in the community.

There is an online course about parent engagement aimed at teachers.

This resource is based on national and international evidence. It explains why parent engagement matters, including:

  • student success
  • what practices make a difference
  • how we can work systematically across our education system to build strong relationships with parents.

Who can do the course

All Department for Education staff. This includes school-based, corporate and support staff.

How school leaders can use the course

School leaders can use this to support and encourage collaboration between colleagues at school. It can also help foster a whole-school approach to parent engagement and strengthen connections in the school community.

An introduction to parent engagement

Video length: 35 seconds

Parent Engagement

For questions about getting involved in your child's learning.

Email: education.ParentEngagement [at] sa.gov.au


Learning at Home

For questions or comments about the learning at home lessons.

Email: learningathome [at] sa.gov.au