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Schools as community hubs – sharing knowledge and resources in the community

The department is always striving for better engagement with parents and the community. Schools which are more accessible lead to stronger relationships with community members, families, children and young people.

Schools as community hubs is a vision for public schools, preschools and facilities to be more accessible and shared across communities. This approach will enhance education and wellbeing outcomes for children and young people and build connections and opportunities for lifelong learning in communities.

“Schools are often at the heart of any community – they are very vibrant places where mums and dads, grandparents, children and young people congregate to learn, socialise and build social networks” Executive director, Early Years and Child Development, Department for Education.

A practical guide has been developed to help schools choose an approach that works best for both school and community needs.  

The approach

The South Australian government is committed to government schools sharing knowledge, resources and expertise with their local community during and outside of school hours.

The schools as community hubs approach has been shown to improve attendance rates, parent engagement and encourage different ways to meet complex and changing needs of students. The goal is to build a community where children, young people, teachers, parents and community members work together interactively, recognising that children and young people learn best with real-life situations and hands-on activities.

Adopting the schools as community hubs approach supports the implementation of the Wellbeing for Learning and Life framework.

Schools can consult with local stakeholders and choose an approach that:

  • works best for the needs of the school
  • is in line with the capacity and commitment of school staff and community members
  • shares responsibility for achieving joint goals.

Showcase videos and case studies

Collaboration between schools and communities is not a new concept. There are hubs working well now and the video and written case studies show some of the best practice in action.

Schools as community hubs action group

The statewide action group includes representatives from local and state government, community organisations, sporting groups and principal associations. These people were appointment by the Premier to work together and set up strategies to allow wider use of school facilities in the South Australian community. The group is working on facilitating ways in which schools, preschools and community groups can work more closely together to support their local community.

Schools as Community Hubs

Phone: 8226 2479
Email: education.sach [at] sa.gov.au