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Year 8 to 12 statewide schools cricket competitions

Nominations for the 2021 competitions listed below are now being sought and will only proceed if sufficient nominations are received.

Nomination details

If you wish to nominate your school for any of the competitions listed below, an online nomination form must be competed and submitted by the due date.

Nominations are due Wednesday 2 December 2020 (week 8, term 4).


As there is no equivalent competition, schools may apply to the Secondary School Sport Management Committee by Education.SchoolSportSA [at] sa.gov.au (email) for girls to compete in the open boys and year 8 and 9 boys competitions.

T20 structure

The aim for all the T20 competitions is to where possible group teams together to play 2 x T20’s in a day to allow more time for rounds to be played and more than one game for all teams involved.

Venues sourced to enable minimal movement between morning (9.15am start) and afternoon (12.30pm start) matches with support from School Sport SA and SACA

Innings are 20 overs or 1 hour and 20 minutes whichever comes first, second batting team must face same number of overs as first batting team and 10 minute change over. Teams are encouraged to use speed up tactics such as 5 overs from one end before swapping.

Competition notes

Due to time restrictions, schools will only be able to enter 1 of the open boy’s competitions.

The year 8 and 9 boys competition will be run over term 1 and 4 depending on the number of teams entered.

Sports and entry fee Competitions Finals dates and venues
Cricket $61.00/team Open boys 40 overs Finals and venues will be advised during term 1 of 2021 when the draws are available.
Open boys Twenty20
Open girls T20
Year 8 and 9 boys T20


School Sport SA

Phone: 8416 5900
Email: education.schoolsportsa [at] sa.gov.au