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West Lakes Shore School R-7

Planning is underway at West Lakes Shore School R-7 as the first stage of their Building Better Schools upgrade.

The plans propose to remove an aged building containing asbestos and construct a new contemporary building in the heart of the school, linking several other buildings, the kitchen and Japanese gardens. Plans for the building include learning areas for language, art, drama, music and cooking with additional flexible learning areas and breakout spaces.

Other plans include upgrading the existing open space units creating new contemporary areas, including installing movable walls for flexibility, installing air conditioning in the gymnasium and converting staff offices in the resource centre into teacher preparation spaces.

Upgrades to outdoor environments are also proposed with a combination of landscaping, shade structure, seating and platforms for students to work and play on.

These initial plans are subject to further planning and may change.


Artist's impression of proposed upgrades to West Lakes Shore School R-7


Building better Schools

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