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DX mail service

DX mail is the free method of sending internal government mail between government departments.

The Distribution Centre has a daily delivery and collection of DX mail. This mail can be placed within the internal green bag.


This service is available to:

DX mail can be used whenever the recipient is also a DX mail member.

How to use DX mail

  • Find the DX address for the company you are sending to. This can normally be found on the company letterhead. Alternatively you can look up the address on the DX mail website.
  • Address your mail, using the DX addressing protocol. The recipient's name, company, DX number and exchange should be on the envelope. For example:

Shared Services SA: Accounts Payable
Adelaide SA

  • Ensure you have included your own DX address in the top right corner.
  • Place your DX mail into the internal courier bag.


Distribution Centre

Phone: 8234 0140
Fax: 8234 0136
Email: educationdistributioncentre [at] sa.gov.au