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Moving from France to South Australia

A number of families will emigrate from France to South Australia with the French company Naval Group as it builds 12 submarines in Adelaide.

With over 900 public preschools and schools in South Australia, families will have a wide range of education and care options. If you have any questions, you can ask the specific school or preschool.

Comparison of French and South Australian education systems

Ecole maternelle and preschool or kindergarten

Ecole maternelle year Age of students Preschool or kindergarten year Age of students
Petite section 2 to 3
Section moyenne 4 Preschool 4 to 5
Grande section 5

Ecole élémentaire and primary school

Ecole élémentaire year Age of students Primary school year Age of students
Reception 5 to 6
Cours préparatoire 6 Year 1 6 to 7
Cours élémentaire première année 7 Year 2 7 to 8
Cours élémentaire deuxième année 8 to 9 Year 3 8 to 9
Cours moyen première année 9 to 10 Year 4 9 to 10
Cours moyen deuxième année 10 to 11 Year 5 10 to 11

Collège and high school

Collège year Age of student High school year Age of student
Sixième 11 to 12 Year 6 11 to 12
Cinquième 12 to 13 Year 7 12 to 13
Quatrième 13 to 14 Year 8 13 to 14
Troisième 14 to 15 Year 9 14 to 15

Lycée and high school

Lycée year Age of student High school year Age of student
Seconde 15 to 16 Year 10 15 to 16
Première 16 to 17 Year 11 16 to 17
Terminale 17 to 18 Year 12 17 to 18

French bilingual program

Highgate School and Unley High School have teamed up to deliver South Australia’s first French bilingual program, which will offer education in French and English for all reception to year 12 students by 2022. The program will teach a combined French national curriculum and Australian Curriculum.

Schools offering a French language program

A number of the department's schools offer a French language program (PDF 110KB) for all students.


Learning Improvement division

Phone: 8463 5847

Email: secondary.learners [at] sa.gov.au