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First STEM Works redevelopment to open in July

29 June 2017

The first of 139 STEM Works redevelopments has been completed at Brompton Primary School.

The $1 million project will be officially opened by Premier Weatherill on July 3 2017.

It includes the following features:

  • A mini-theatre space for presentations, demonstrations and green-screen work that can also be darkened for light experiments.
  • Almost every surface is interactive – including the ceiling, which is designed for hanging things from. Instead of using fixed graphics or patterns on the walls in the main space, students will create and change these themselves via a Lego wall, pegboards, and whiteboards.
  • The four main zones in the space are denoted by different flooring, but are all interconnected, allowing multiple ways to use the entire area.
  • The space connects to the courtyard, vegetable garden and into nearby classrooms. This will ensure STEM will not be a ‘special’ activity but a normal part of the school day, which is easily accessible and highly visible.
  • An exposed timber structure around the mini-theatre is designed to express how it is made, in a similar way to a big Meccano model.

 Brompton Primary School Principal Tina Treffers said, “Construction finished early in June and we have been busy setting our STEM Works space up for our keen students and staff to enjoy."

“It’s a big honour to be the first school to have a completed STEM Works project and we have no doubt a lot of eyes will be on us in the coming months."

“While our school has some excellent ideas on making the most of the facility, this is a new beginning for us and we’ll welcome and share ideas to ensure the benefits of this facility go way beyond the boundaries of Brompton Primary School.”