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Lighting upgrades

Energy efficient lighting

Two hundred schools will receive $25,000 in program funding to install lighting upgrades.

The Sustainable Schools program will target the installation of LED lighting to replace old and inefficient lighting such as fluorescent tubes and install timers/sensors.

Low Carbon Schools

More efficient lighting uses less electricity to provide the same or better lighting output. The installation of LED lighting is expected to:

  • improve lighting in learning environments
  • reduce electricity use
  • reduce cooling requirements as the LED light fittings produce less heat.

By reducing the amount of electricity needed to power the school, schools can help reduce carbon emissions produced through the generation of electricity.

LED lighting trial

A trial of LED technologies has been undertaken and learnings used to inform implementation of the larger program throughout 2017 and 2018.

The following schools participated in the initial trial:

•    Trinity Gardens Primary School
•    Para Hills High School
•    Highgate School
•    Ingle Farm Primary School
•    Stradbroke School
•    Thiele Primary School
•    Seaview High School
•    Colonel Light Gardens Primary School
•    Mitcham Primary School
•    Woodcroft Primary School.

Overall the trial sites have experienced an increase in average lighting levels (improving learning environments) and a significant reduction in electrical consumption and load. 


Asset Standards and Environmental Management

For enquiries regarding standards 

Phone: 8226 0091 

Email: education.standards [at] sa.gov.au  


For enquiries regarding sustainable infrastructure 

Phone: 8226 3497 

Email: education.environment [at] sa.gov.au