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Plympton International College

Initial concept plans for the capital works at Plympton International College for their upgrade have been released.

Plans have been reviewed in line with the transition of year 7 into high school by 2022.

Among the upgrades being considered for Plympton International College are:

  • a new building to provide a performing arts facility on the ground floor and multi-purpose learning areas on the first floor
  • refurbishment to provide visual arts classrooms and general learning areas
  • refurbishment to provide a bi-lingual learning area
  • demolition of ageing infrastructure.

These plans are subject to further consideration and may change.




Walter Brooke & Associates


ICM Construction

Project timeline

Construction commenced

Architect appointed

Builder appointed

Construction commenced

Construction completed


Capital Works Project Delivery Team

Phone: 8226 1172
Email: education.capitalprograms [at] sa.gov.au