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Mount Barker High School

Planning is underway at Mount Barker High School for their upgrade. 

Plans are being considered and reviewed in line with the transition of year 7 into high school by 2022.

Among the upgrades being considered for Mount Barker High School are:

  • Additional learning areas for capacity where required.
  • Removing the existing transportables and replacing them with a new building to improve connectivity across the campus and to remove existing asbestos.
  • Refurbishing outdated learning areas.
  • Renovating the original historic school building.
  • Upgrading the street frontage.

These plans are subject to further consideration and may change.


Proposed upgrade to Mount Barker High School


Major School Upgrades Team

Phone: 8226 6560
Email: education.BuildingBetterSchools [at] sa.gov.au