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Roxby Downs Area School

Planning is underway at Roxby Downs Area School for their upgrade.

Plans are being considered and reviewed in line with the transition of year 7 into high school by 2022.

Among the upgrades being considered for Roxby Downs Area School are:

  • Additional learning areas for capacity where required.
  • Redeveloping the home economics facility to provide specialised learning areas for teaching food technology and hospitality courses, including redeveloping the adjoining central courtyard that connects to the art learning areas. The new courtyard will create a food and art precinct as a place for students to learn, share, create and hold events.
  • Expanding the landscaping in the outdoor areas between the preschool and junior school to provide connectivity.

These plans are subject to further consideration and may change.


Proposed upgrade to Roxby Downs Area School
Computer generated image of the proposed courtyard for Roxy Downs area school.


Major School Upgrades Team

Phone: 8226 6560
Email: education.BuildingBetterSchools [at] sa.gov.au