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Year 7 to high school


Year 7 public school students will be taught in high school from term 1, 2022.   

Year 7 students are already a part of high school in all other Australian states and territories and some of our South Australian public high schools such as Clare High School and Seaford High School are already teaching year 7s.

Many South Australian non-government schools are also currently teaching year 7s in a high school setting.  

Year 7 in high school 2020 pilot

Wirreanda Secondary School, Mitcham Girls High School and John Pirie Secondary School are giving families the unique opportunity to register interest for their child to enter high school as a year 7 in 2020. 

Following a localised nomination process, the schools were selected for their unique characteristics that will provide valuable information from different school contexts.

The pilot will allow for early insights into areas such as workforce planning, funding arrangements, wellbeing, curriculum and transition processes between primary and high schools.

Participation in the pilot is voluntary and normal transition and enrolment processes will continue at all schools for current year 7s enrolling as year 8s next year.

For more information or to register your interest you can contact the schools:

Mitcham Girls High Schools

-    http://www.mitchamgirlshs.sa.edu.au/
-    Ph: 8272 8233

Wirreanda Secondary School

-    https://wirreandasecondary.sa.edu.au/
-    Ph: 8329 7200

John Pirie Secondary School

-    https://www.jpss.sa.edu.au/
-    Ph: 8632 0400

Registrations of interest close on 24 May 2019.

Benefits to students

Australian Curriculum

Moving year 7s into high school will align South Australia’s public schools with the national curriculum taught in high schools.  

The curriculum has a focus on specialist courses for year 7 students and is designed to be taught in high school settings, with specialist teachers and resources such as fully equipped science labs.

The Australian Curriculum also provides a grouped curriculum for year 7 and 8 in a number of subject areas.  Bringing year 7 into a high school setting will make it easier to deliver these subjects and improve outcomes for students.

Facilities and resources

Access to specialist facilities, resources and exposure to different teaching styles will give each year 7 student opportunities for deeper learning, greater peer interactions, and greater independence and responsibility.

How the move will work

Our consultation process will help make sure the needs of students, families and the school community are met and that our community and wider stakeholder groups have the opportunity to provide feedback throughout the process.

The move will be coordinated by a state-wide plan. Each school will be supported to develop their own individual implementation plans specific to their needs and the needs of their community.

These plans will be in place by 2021 and will cover areas such as workforce planning, facilities and resource management and parent engagement. For high schools, the plans will outline approaches to learning and teaching, and for ensuring the wellbeing of year 7s.  

Our commitment for moving year 7s to high school is to: 

  • make sure year 7s thrive in a high school setting, academically, socially and emotionally
  • involve our schools in the process to make sure implementation reflects local needs
  • support schools to have the proper resources and the necessary facilities.

Country students

The unique nature of country schools may present some challenges to introducing year 7 to high school that will require special consideration. The government is committed to working closely with each school and their communities to address any of the concerns they may have.

Home-school students

The transition of year 7 into high school will not have any impact on home-schooling arrangements. The current process where a home-schooled student moves from primary school to high school will remain unchanged, but will occur in year 6 instead of year 7.

Students moving from Catholic schools

As the Catholic education system is moving year 7 to high school earlier than the government system, some parents of students in the Catholic education system may be concerned that their local public primary schools will not have capacity to enrol their child in year 7 for 2020 and 2021.  

While some primary schools in some areas do experience enrolment pressure, most students moving from a Catholic primary school to a public primary school will have no issues enrolling at their local (zoned) primary school for the 2020 and 2021 school year.

More information about school and preschool zones can be found here.


Year 7 to high school project team

Email: Year7toHS [at] sa.gov.au