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Year 7 to high school job opportunities

COVID-19 update

The recent disruption arising from COVID-19 created a temporary shift in focus while schools actively responded to the circumstances.

Behind the scenes, we have been working hard on planning the recruitment process while letting schools focus on what is most important – teaching and learning.

Now schools have returned to more regular operations, we are continuing our engagement. We are looking closely at our recruitment process and timeline to make sure this works for schools.

We will keep updating this page with the latest information as we finalise the design process.

We’ll need hundreds of teachers to fill high school positions across South Australia when year 7 moves in 2022. 

Register your interest now if you’re a primary teacher working in a South Australian government school and are interested in moving to high school.

This will help us keep you informed through regular updates, so when jobs are advertised at a later stage you’ll know how to apply if you’re interested. 

Moving to high school is your choice, and registering your interest doesn’t lock you in to a decision. It’s a way of staying in touch and helping us understand your interest.

At the moment, we’re focusing on helping primary school teachers in South Australian government schools to start thinking about whether a move to high school is right for them, because it’s a big change for their system. 

Towards 2022, we’ll share information for other teachers interested in opportunities arising from the year 7 to high school move. 

Registering your interest

If you’re a primary teacher who's curious or excited about working with adolescents, interested in digging deeper into subject areas and want the chance to work as part of a bigger team, then a high school setting might be for you.  

You can register your interest now

If you’re offered a position, we’ll provide you with professional learning to help you get ready for the job. A range of options will be available in different subject areas.

This is a one-off opportunity created by the move of year 7 to high school. It provides a chance for you to evolve with us, so if you're a primary teacher working in a South Australian government school, start thinking about whether a high school teaching role would be a good fit for you. 

Staying in primary school

If you’re a primary teacher not interested in moving, there is no need to worry. There are other people interested in making the move, and we will still need great teachers in primary school. For more about our promises to our workforce, see the Chief Executive’s employment assurances (PDF 608KB) (login required).

Our dedicated year 7 to high school intranet pages are also a key information source about the move for our teachers who work in public education. 

Year 7 to high school videos

Hear from teachers who have made the move in the videos below and think about whether this could this be an option for you. 

Working with teens

Working with teens video transcript

Stacey: 00:00 I think there are a lot of stereotypes around what Secondary students are actually going to be like, but I think they're great to work with. I think Secondary students are starting to identify their own passions, they're really starting to empathise and consider things from different perspectives.

Chris: 00:14 It's definitely not as scary as you think it is at the start, and it's similar to teaching primary in that they're still kids, they're still growing up, and they're still learning, and they still need nurturing and care.

End of transcript.

School size

School size video transcript

Penny: 00:00 I think the great thing about high school is that nothing is ever the same.

Ashley: 00:04 I really like the diversity. For me I've only worked in smaller primary schools up until now, so there's 70 staff in a high school, so you know there's a lot more people that you can find with things in common.

Stacey: 00:14 Being in a primary school setting you do have your own classroom, and your own space, but moving into secondary; it really opened up opportunities to work with different people, and people with different areas of expertise.

End of transcript.

Specialist subjects

Specialist subjects video transcript

Aaron: 00:00 If you're passionate about particular subjects, it's a great opportunity to really hone in on your passion, whether that's PE, Maths, Science, Tech.

Stacey: 00:09 I felt like I could really delve into my own area of expertise, and I wasn't spreading myself thin across areas that perhaps I wasn't so strong in. Ashley: 00:16 The support of having a close team around me, so with other teachers teaching very similar things, that was really good because we could catch up and have conversations about what we were teaching.

End of transcript.

Adolescents rewarding

Adolescents rewarding video transcript

Ashley: 00:00 Once they leave year 7, you always kind of wonder what's going to happen to them, and I've actually been able to witness that, and I've seen some kids that really struggled in primary school, get into high school and find a pathway for them and they've really blossomed, which has been fantastic.

Penny: 00:12 Adolescents can be challenging, but adolescents can be so rewarding. Watching young people grow and flourish from childhood to adulthood is a huge privilege.

End of transcript.


Year 7 to high school project team

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