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Free home internet access for students

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Free internet access is available to students who don’t have reliable internet at home. This is through the ‘student home internet program’.

Reliable internet access supports online study at home, for the purpose of extended learning. It also allows teachers to design more learning experiences that use digital technology.

Families of eligible students can request internet access by following the steps on this page.


Open to all SA government school students who don’t have adequate home internet access.

Students must only use the internet access for learning and study at home.

What we’ll provide

The department will supply you with:

  • a dongle (small USB device), if you need one
  • a mobile internet SIM card
  • home internet access until the end of the school year.

The internet access will be deactivated at the end of the year. You can apply again for the following year if you still need the service.

Your child won’t need a dongle if they’ll be using a laptop or tablet with a SIM card slot.

Requesting the home internet

Requests open in term 4 for the following school year. Submit a request as early as possible so you can receive the internet service in term 1.

Requests can also be submitted during the school year, if needed.

Only 1 request form is required for each household, as the internet access can support multiple students.

How to request access

To request home internet access:

  1. complete the request form and user agreement (PDF 651.5KB)
  2. submit the form to your school via email, fax or in person.

Your school will then request the internet service from the department.

We’ll set up your access and send required devices to the school. Your school will let you know when the devices are ready to be picked up (usually early term 1).

If you apply during the school year, allow 2 to 3 weeks for your internet access to be set up.

Setting up your home internet

The student home internet user guide (PDF 435.3KB) steps you through how to set up your home internet.

Contact your school if you need additional support.

Cancelling your home internet

Your home internet connection will be disabled at the end of the school year. You can keep the internet devices if you’ll be requesting access again the following year.

If you no longer need the home internet access, you need to:

  1. let your school know
  2. return the internet devices to your school.

This could be because your child is leaving the school, or you’re getting your own stable internet service.

Monitoring data use

We’ll monitor student home internet data use. Your school will contact you if you go over levels deemed appropriate for educational purposes.

Your internet service may be suspended or disabled if this continues.