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Supporting country students and their families

Students and their families can access services to support educational needs in country schools and preschools. These services:

  • address learning needs
  • provide access to preschool and childcare
  • help with transport to and from schools.

Student Support Services for learning needs

The Student Support Services Team works with schools, preschools and families where there are students who have particular learning needs.

The team provides services for:

  • behaviour support coaching
  • psychology
  • social work
  • special education
  • speech pathology.

They also work with Aboriginal community education managers and Aboriginal services engagement officers.

Country schools without filled student support service positions are supported through outreach services from metropolitan locations and by outsourcing private providers. 

More strategies are being explored to improve access to services in country locations.

For more information: 

Additional behavioural support

Students who are at risk of being excluded from class can receive additional behaviour support. This is made possible by funding given to schools in country areas that don’t have access to a learning centre.

Regional transport and school bus services

If students attend country schools 5km or more away from where they live, they can access school bus services.

There are currently 470 school bus services across country South Australia.

For more information about school buses, contact your local school directly

Preschool (kindergarten) options in rural communities

In some country communities, preschool enrolments can be low or fluctuating.

To address this, there are alternative options available to provide children with a preschool service. These include:

  • funding for a teacher to deliver 15 hours of preschool – where there are 6 or more enrolments
  • integrating preschool children within the first years of school – where there are less than 6 enrolments
  • funding a School Services Officer for 15 hours per week to support children being included in the first years of school – where there are 3 to 5 enrolments
  • a supported playgroup or playcentre program as a 1-year arrangement only, while alternative preschool solutions are investigated.

We're exploring further options to reduce barriers and increase participation in early childhood education, as a part of the department’s Early Learning Strategy.

For more information, email Preschool Policy and Programs at Education.ECSupport [at] sa.gov.au.

Country childcare services

Through the rural care program, childcare services are integrated with some government preschools in country communities that don’t have other childcare options.

More community childcare solutions are being explored as a part of the department’s Early Learning Strategy.

For more information, contact your local preschool directly or email Preschool Policy and Programs at education.ecsupport [at] sa.gov.au.

School libraries for the community

Some country schools offer their library service for community members. This can be a useful service for parents of preschoolers and non-school-age children to access books, resources and other activities.

Contact your local school directly to find out if they offer library services to the community.