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Feedback process – approved panel of providers

If you have a concern or feedback about your experience with a department-funded third party provider, we would like to hear from you.

Information we will need

To look into your concerns we need:

  • details of your concern or complaint
  • details of any attempts you have made to resolve the issue.

What happens

Our team will:

  • discuss your concerns with you
  • register your concerns or complaint on a department database
  • advise you about what will happen to resolve your concerns.

If you want to be kept up-to-date about progress and we have your personal contact details, we will send you a written response. This usually happens fairly quickly, but more complex issues can take longer to resolve. In those cases, you might not hear from us straightaway.

Confidentiality and extra information

We do accept anonymous complaints. However, to help us keep track and get back in contact with you, you can also provide:

  • your name and contact details
  • permission for the department officer looking into your issue to disclose your personal information to relevant parties (if any)
  • permission for relevant parties to provide details of your issue to us.

We will ask for your consent before disclosing or requesting any of your personal information. We will protect your personal information and it’s only with your agreement that it will be used to process your complaint.

Who can talk to us

People who can share feedback with us include:

  • students
  • any staff at a department site, including teachers, gardeners, school principals, preschool directors, flexible learning options coordinators, etc
  • case managers
  • approved providers.

What to do if you are not satisfied

If you aren’t satisfied with the way your concerns are handled, you can contact the Education Complaints unit or the Ombudsman


Approved panel of providers

Phone: 8226 9853
Email: Education.FLO.APP [at] sa.gov.au