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School immunisation program

Immunisation is one of the most effective and cost efficient public health interventions. The success of the School Immunisation Program (SIP) in South Australian remains a priority in the National Immunisation Strategy.

Vaccinations are free and are administered by fully trained, qualified nurses across all high schools in South Australia.

The success of the SIP has led to:

  • improved access to immunisation services for South Australian students
  • high vaccine coverage rates
  • a reduction in disease incidence
  • the continued delivery of a high quality immunisation service.

The Department for Education and the Department for Health and Wellbeing have a formal agreement with joint responsibilities for the support and provision of the SIP.

Appointed SIP school contact

The SIP school contact enables the delivery and support of immunisation services in a safe and effective way.

The SIP acts as a liaison between the SIP provider, school staff and students.

The Education School Checklist includes the activities that promote and assist the coordination of the SIP.

Adolescent vaccination program

In South Australia, adolescent vaccination is delivered in high school based programs.

The following vaccines are offered to all Year 8 students over 2 separate visits, with a minimum of 6 months in-between:

  • a 2 dose course of Gardasil®, the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine
  • one dose of Boostrix®, the diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough vaccine.

In 2019 the School Immunisation Program will be expanded to include the meningococcal B vaccine for Year 10 students, with a catch up program for Year 11 students.  Bexsero® or Trumenba® will be used for the School Immunisation Program and under 21 year old catch up programs.


To be eligible to receive free vaccines under the SIP, students must be enrolled in Year 8 (adolescent vaccine) or Year 10-11 (Men B Vaccine).

Home-schooled children are also eligible to receive the free recommended vaccines.

Missed vaccinations

If students are under 20 years of age and miss their SIP vaccinations, they can receive any missed vaccines for free.

For more information, contact SA Health Immunisation on 1300 232 272.

SIP records

The SIP provider submits annual data to SA Health on the number of students immunised. SA Health uses this to measure the success of the state wide immunisation program.

If you would like a copy of a student’s school immunisation record, contact your SIP provider.


Disability and complex needs team

Phone: 8226 3620
Email: education.health [at] sa.gov.au