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Health support training

Information on health support training requirements and how staff can access training. 

Upcoming health and support planning professional development opportunities

This space is regularly updated to include upcoming training, education and professional development opportunities.

Competency with complexity

This training includes:

  • up to date evidence base best practice
  • implementation of interoception in preschools and schools, for neurodiversity and complexities
  • strategies around motivation and learning for neurodiverse students
  • introduction to health support planning.

There will be time for case management discussions.

Morning tea and lunch provided.

Date Time Location Cost
Wednesday 20 March 2019 8.30am to 3.30pm Education Development Centre, Hindmarsh $35 per person
Thursday 4 April 2019 8.30am to 3.30pm Fogolar Furlan, 69 Briar Road, Felixstow $45 per person
Tuesday 11 June 2019 10.00am to 4.00pm.  Kadina (venue to be confirmed) To be confirmed
Wednesday 24 July 2019 10.00am to 4.00pm Keith Area School, Keith To be confirmed

For further information or bookings contact:

Kerry Zivkovic
Project Officer, Disability and Complex Needs
Phone: 8226 0515
Email: kerry.zivkovic [at] sa.gov.au

Interoception: training for 1:1 teachers and SSOs

An in-depth education on interoception and practical strategies to enable teachers and SSOs to integrate interoception activities in classroom activities and develop individualised strategies for children and young people with low levels of interoception.

No dates are currently scheduled for this training. Please contact Kerry Zivkovic for further information.

Kerry Zivkovic
Project Officer, Disability and Complex Needs
Phone: 8226 0515
Email: kerry.zivkovic [at] sa.gov.au

Health support training in education and care

A basic education session on health support planning in education and care that will enable sites to comply with department processes to support children and young people with health needs. 
Session can be adjusted to meet individual needs of sites and is facilitated by the Senior Policy Officer Health Support.

Please contact Deb Heays for further information.

Deb Heays
Senior Policy Officer, Health Support
Phone: 8226 3620
Email: debra.heays [at] sa.gov.au 

Health support training providers

A summary of training providers is listed below in alphabetic order of the health or personal care need.  Full details of training providers and services available to offer further information and support are included under each health, personal care or neurodiversity subject in managing health in education or care.

Topic Organisation Details
Acquired brain injury Women's and Children's Hospital Child and Adolescent Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service (CABIRS)
Anaphylaxis and severe allergies ASCIA

Anaphylaxis e-training for Australasian early childhood centres or schools.

Anaphylaxis and severe allergies Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS)

Free anaphylaxis training.

Asthma Asthma Australia

Free online training.

Asthma Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS)

Asthma awareness training.

Chronic illness EDMed Professional Development
Continence Continence Resource Centre (CRC)
  • 1300 885 886
  • continence [at] sa.gov.au
Continence Novita
  • 1300 668 482
  • training [at] novita.org.au
Continence Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS)

Basic continence training.

Continence The Health Objective
  • 0409 674 367
  • healthobjective [at] westnet.com.au
Diabetes Country Health SA Local Health Network Diabetes Service

May be able to assist to provide advice and assistance to support children in rural and remote areas.

Diabetes Diabetes SA/VIC
Diabetes Nadine Harrison (credentialed diabetes educator)
  • 0422 250 635
  • targetdiabetes [at] yahoo.com.au
Diabetes Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS)

Diabetes Awareness and Emergency Medications training.

Diabetes Women's and Children's Hospital

Endocrinology and Diabetes department may be able to provide advice and assistance through Diabetes Nurse Educators.

  • 8161 6402


First aid Department for Education

Refer to the department's work health and safety intranet

Infection control Hand Hygiene Australia (HHA)
Infection control Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS)

Infection control training.

Infection control The Health Objective
  • 0409 674 367
  • healthobjective [at] westnet.com.au
Medication management   Specialised training is required for administration of some medications. Refer to medication management for details.
Neurodiversity Department for Education Interoception 101 (PDF 3.1MB)
Neurodiversity BeyondBlue
Neurodiversity Black Dog Institute
Neurodiversity Centre for Emotional Health
Neurodiversity Equal Opportunity Commission of Western Australia
Neurodiversity Friends Resilience
Neurodiversity Kids Helpline

Free intervention and prevention sessions.

Neurodiversity KidsMatter
Neurodiversity ReachOut
Neurodiversity RUOK? In Education
Neurodiversity Safe Schools Coalition Australia
Neurodiversity SHINE SA
Neurodiversity The Butterfly Foundation
Neurodiversity The Student Wellbeing Hub
Neurodiversity WayAhead
Oral eating and drinking Feeding matters
Oral eating and drinking Novita
Oral eating and drinking Queensland Health (recommended by WCH speech pathologists)
Osteogenesis imperfecta Novita

Novita may be able to provide training or consultancy to support the children with osteogenesis imperfecta.

  • 1300 668 482
  • training [at] novita.org.au
Osteogenesis imperfecta Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS)
Seizures and epilepsy Epilepsy Action Australia
Seizures and epilepsy Epilepsy Centre
Seizures and epilepsy Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS)

Epilepsy Awareness training.

Spina bifida Novita
  • 1300 668 482
  • training [at] novita.org.au
Spina bifida Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS)
Transfer and positioning Novita



Disability and complex needs team

Phone: 8226 3620
Email: education.health [at] sa.gov.au