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Surfing safari

A water safety activity designed for years 3 to 5.

What you need:

  • pretend surfboard
  • small space indoors or outdoors
  • stopwatch or clock.

Making a surfboard

Your challenge is to create your own surfboard using one of the following:

  • ironing board on the floor
  • draw a surfboard on an outside patio using chalk
  • cut out a surfboard shape using newspaper or cardboard
  • sprinkle talcum powder on a grass lawn in a surfboard shape
  • lay towel on the floor.


  • Lie down flat with your tummy on the “surfboard”. 
  • Using your arms, practise paddling either side of the board. 
  • Can you paddle for 30 seconds without stopping? 
  • Now try and stand up on your board. 
  • How quickly can you stand up?
  • How many times can you stand up and lie down on the board in 20 seconds?

Now when you take part in surf education lessons you will be ready to ride the waves!

Learning Outcomes

You will learn to:

  • use your creativity skills to make a pretend surfboard
  • practise your paddling skills
  • practise standing up and lying down on your surfboard.


Water Safety team

Phone: 8416 5920
Fax: 8115 5558
Email: Educationswimaquatics [at] sa.gov.au