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Key dates for NAPLAN testing 2019

More detailed information regarding critical dates and activities is provided in Part B of both the Handbook for principals (for paper testing) (PDF 1.7MB) and the Handbook for principals – NAPLAN online (PDF 4.6MB).

Date Activity Notes
25 February to 8 March Schools receive their Handbook for principals. NAPLAN Online schools also receive registration information for the assessment platform All schools
Friday 15 March Finalise order for alternative format test materials All schools
Friday 15 March Student Participation Website (SPW) opens Schools undertaking paper testing, and NAPLAN Online schools with year 3 students (writing)
Thursday 28 March National coordinated practice test NAPLAN Online schools only
25 March to 12 April Schools receive student test materials and test administration handbooks Remote schools
12 April Submit order for additional test materials Remote schools
29 April to 3 May Schools receive student test materials and test administration handbooks Metro and country schools
3 May Submit order for additional test materials Metro and country schools
10 May Ensure all student exemption forms (PDF 458KB) have been completed for students exempted from NAPLAN testing All schools
14 to 24 May Complete student withdrawal forms (PDF 280KB) for any student whose parents/carers wish to withdraw student from NAPLAN testing Must be completed before the relevant test starts.
14 to 16 May NAPLAN paper test window Test sequence:
  • Conventions of language and writing test
  • Reading test
  • Numeracy test
14 to 24 May NAPLAN Online test window Test sequence:
  • Writing test
  • Reading test
  • Conventions of language test
  • Numeracy test
17 May NAPLAN paper test student catch up day Final check and count of completed test booklets Check all completed withdrawal and exemption forms are stored securely at the school  
20 May Complete checklist and lodge completed paper test materials with Australia Post Confirm all details for relevant year levels on Student Participation Website (SPW) for paper tests Paper schools and year 3 writing at online schools
31 May Test security period ends at close of business All schools



South Australian sector contacts

Department for Education

Test Administration Authority
Phone: 1800 316 777
Email: education.sa.taa [at] sa.gov.au
Email: education.naplanonline [at] sa.gov.au (NAPLAN Online schools)

Catholic Education South Australia (CESA)

Ray Moritz
Senior Education Adviser Educational Measurement
Phone: 8301 6136
Email: ray.moritz [at] cesa.catholic.edu.au

More information for Catholic schools can be found on the CESA website

Association of Independent Schools of South Australia (AISSA)

Schools conducting NAPLAN paper testing

Rosemary Kadow
Educational consultant
Phone: 8179 1415
Email: kadowr [at] ais.sa.edu.au

Schools conducting NAPLAN Online

Lynda Secombe
Senior Educational Consultant
Phone: 8179 1400
Email: secombel [at] ais.sa.edu.au

More information for independent schools can be found on the AISSA website.