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The move to NAPLAN Online started in 2018.

This means NAPLAN is transitioning from paper-based tests to computer-based assessments. The aim is for schools to transition to online testing by 2020.

Online testing will provide better assessment, more precise results and faster turnaround of information, helping schools tailor teaching and learning to student needs.

One hundred government schools in South Australia participated in NAPLAN Online in 2018. We worked closely with these schools as they prepared for online testing.

Students in years 5, 7 and 9 completed all test domains (writing, reading, conventions of language and numeracy) online.

Students in year 3 completed reading, conventions of language and numeracy testing online. Year 3 writing was completed in paper mode.

The NAPLAN Online team is now working with the next group of schools that will transition to NAPLAN Online in 2019. This group will join the 100 government schools that transitioned in 2018.

Schools are supported by the NAPLAN Online team to undertake a range of readiness activities in the year prior to their transition. These readiness activities help prepare students and staff for the move to online testing. 

Information for parents/carers

A parent information brochure about NAPLAN Online testing is available to download from the National Assessment Program website.

Schools will provide students with opportunities to become familiar with the online test format and devices used for testing. 

Parents, carers and students can use the public demonstration site on the National Assessment Program (NAP) website to become familiar with the format of NAPLAN Online.

Information for schools and principals

Handbooks and guides

Each school will be provided with the relevant handbooks and guides to prepare for and administer NAPLAN online.

Copies of handbooks and guides are available from your sector representative. Government schools can download copies from the department’s intranet (login required). 


All parents/carers of students participating in NAPLAN Online must be provided with a copy of the privacy notice.

This privacy notice applies to participation in school readiness activities and online testing activities.

Contact your sector representative for a copy of the privacy notice if you do not have it already.  

Public demonstration site

Teachers and parents can use the public demonstration site on the National Assessment Program website to become familiar with the format of NAPLAN Online.  

The NAPLAN Online assessment platform uses a locked down browser (LDB) to help ensure security during testing. 

It is recommended schools using the public demonstration site for student familiarisation purposes do so using the locked down browser installed on student devices.

Students with disability

Adjustments are provided to support students with disability to access NAPLAN online tests.

More information on these adjustments is provided on the National Assessment Program website.

Students with disability are encouraged to try the demonstration tests at their school where the LDB is in operation to make sure assistive technology is compatible with the platform. 

The public demonstration site provides examples of alternative test items that will be used in NAPLAN Online for students with disability.

Technical requirements

Minimum technical requirements for equipment used for NAPLAN Online testing are listed on the National Assessment Program website. This includes minimum technical specifications for devices. 


NAPLAN Online team

Phone: 1800 316 777
Email: education.naplanonline [at] sa.gov.au