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Blue Book project

The Blue Book is a way for parents to record their child’s development, health and immunisation.

The project was collaboratively managed between the education and health sectors to:

  • develop a common understanding and language of the key early childhood developmental milestones
  • work in partnership to support children in their developmental journey
  • engage families in regularly using their Blue Book to track and record their child’s development and immunisations
  • improve access to referral pathways so that children receive the services they need in a timely manner
  • identify children with developmental delays earlier, so supports can be put in place in the first three years; the time when the best outcomes for the child can be realised.

Benefits of the Blue Book

90 day report on the Blue Book project (PDF 420KB) found that:

  • the book is a useful tool to have regular conversations using the same language
  • reference to the book needs to have a strong focus on encouraging and supporting families, not checking on them
  • the developmental milestones in the book provide child care staff with a neutral conversation starter with families regarding developmental tracking
  • 80% of parents surveyed in this project found the information in the book helpful
  • the book is a family resource which contains useful information for them but is currently underutilised
  • where a child requires support, families need to be able to access the right services with a minimum number of steps
  • a shared vision for the responsibility of children’s health between parents, childcare centres, Child and Family Health Service and GPs with everyone having a role
  • collaboration at a senior level between education and health is required to successfully and effectively empower relationships at a site level (authenticates/provides permission).

Early Childhood services

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