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Challenge 2: strong foundations

The numeracy and literacy strategy aims to increase the number of children who attain foundational numeracy and literacy skills in their first four years of school, and to ensure these strong foundations are consolidated throughout their years of schooling. 

Supporting parents

The strategy assists parents and carers to support their children's learning with information about child development and how the home environment can contribute to numeracy and literacy. 

See the numeracy and literacy resources for families.  

Numeracy and literacy

The Early Years Learning framework (PDF 717KB) outlines the learning skills, knowledge and dispositions young children develop and demonstrate in their numeracy and literacy growth. 

In schooling all the way through to SACE, literacy and numeracy skills are fundamental parts of the curriculum.

Numeracy and the Australian Curriculum

Within the Australian Curriculum, the foundation skills for numeracy are built mainly in the mathematics learning area.

The numeracy capability is developed across all learning areas and key ideas include:

  • estimating and calculating with whole numbers
  • recognising and using patterns and relationships
  • using fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios and rates
  • using spatial reasoning
  • interpreting statistical information
  • using measurement.

Literacy in the Australian Curriculum

Within the Australian Curriculum English learning area, students develop knowledge and skills in literacy, language and literature. 

The literacy capability is developed across all learning areas and key ideas include:

  • comprehending texts through listening, reading and viewing
  • composing texts through speaking, writing and creating
  • text knowledge
  • grammar knowledge
  • word knowledge
  • visual knowledge
  • texts in the Literacy Continuum.

Strong numeracy and literacy foundations

For further information about how the numeracy and literacy strategy will provide strong foundations for children, refer to the defining education standards project (staff login required). 


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