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Challenge 3: powerful learners

The numeracy and literacy strategy aims to build the learning power of all children and students by increasing their ability to use high-level thinking skills and apply what they have learned in new and increasingly complex situations. 

Powerful learners

Powerful learners have the curiosity, creativity and confidence to:

  • actively participate in their learning
  • make decisions based on sound evidence
  • skilfully solve problems
  • deal proactively with new situations
  • communicate effectively in a variety of forms
  • collaborate with others.

Powerful learners also have a 'growth mindset': the belief that they are capable of learning and achieving with effort.

The numeracy and literacy strategy ensures that children develop their capacities as powerful learners in various ways.

Teachers contribute to powerful learning

The Numeracy and Literacy strategy supports teachers as they develop practices to help children become powerful learners.

Teachers should also report to parents on the progress of their children's development as powerful learners, including their:

  • confidence
  • capacity to solve problems
  • ability to think creatively

Feedback from students

Involving children and young people in providing feedback to teachers and evaluating and making decisions about their own learning helps to make them more confident, curious and creative learners.


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