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Languages strategy for public education

Languages are one of the learning areas in the Australian Curriculum and are fundamental to a well-rounded education.

Learning an additional language helps students to develop the knowledge, skills and understandings to communicate with people from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds and to participate successfully in an increasingly globalised world.

The Languages strategy for public education will support all students in public schools with opportunities to learn a language. It includes four main areas of activity:

  • improving access to language learning across all year levels
  • supporting teachers and school leaders to deliver quality language education
  • increasing the supply of qualified language teachers
  • promoting the value of language learning in school communities.

Improve access and participation in language learning across all levels of schooling

This priority aims to provide school leaders with the information they need to strengthen access to quality languages education across all year levels, by providing information on successful practices in other schools; by trialling and evaluating different models of delivery within and across sites; and by offering opportunities to students in secondary years that support retention.

Build the capacity of teachers and leaders to provide high quality language education

This priority aims to improve teacher and leader practice through a sustained professional development program that focuses on the ongoing development of linguistic proficiency; the development of deep understandings regarding curriculum design, assessment and moderation using the Australian Curriculum; and a whole school approach to support quality provision.

Increase the supply of qualified teachers of languages

This priority aims to ensure that we have the required numbers of appropriately qualified teachers, in each language, to meet school needs in the short, medium and long term.

Promote the value of language learning in school communities

This priority aims to increase interest in and demand for languages programs within schools and school communities.


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