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Aboriginal Education Strategy 2018 - 2028

The new Aboriginal Education strategy is being developed through co design with our partner SAAETCC. This strategy aims to support:

  • improved learning outcomes for Aboriginal children and young people
  • better attendance and retention rates of Aboriginal students
  • training to make sure teachers and leaders are culturally responsive. 

Development of the South Australian Strategy will align with the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education strategy which focuses on: 

  • early childhood transitions
  • attendance and engagement
  • the Australian curriculum
  • transition points (including pathways to post-school options)
  • workforce.

Have your say to develop the strategy

Your input is important and will help to develop the new strategy. 

We would like to hear from students and young people, parents and carers, education staff and the community including government and non-government groups on the new Aboriginal education strategy.

Your input is important and will help to develop the new strategy. 

Input can be provided by:

  • encouraging Aboriginal students to complete an online survey
  • contacting the Aboriginal education Strategy team by email (education.aboriginalstrategy [at] sa.gov.au) or phone on 8226 3114.

How your input will be used

Your input will help develop a strategy that supports lifting learning outcomes for Aboriginal children and young people to succeed from birth, in their school years and beyond into further study, employment and training.

Next steps

The second round of consultations is underway. Staff, other government and non-government agencies, expert groups and committees will be contacted to have their say during late July and August. 

All feedback to date will be collated to inform development of the strategy.

A copy of the new strategy will be made available shortly after all consultations are completed.

Past consultations

The first round of consultation has occurred with families, carers and the community. Consultations sessions were held across 17 metro and country South Australian locations during June and July. Feedback is being collated to inform the strategy. 


Aboriginal Education directorate

Phone: 8226 3114
Email: education.aboriginalstrategy [at] sa.gov.au