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Music Education Strategy

The Music Education Strategy will improve the delivery of music education in public schools, and provide greater pathways for students to pursue further study and careers in the music industry.

Music provides numerous benefits to children and young people, including developing thinking and learning skills, lifting literacy and numeracy standards, building social inclusion and reducing disadvantage. Early exposure to music activates social, behavioural and academic benefits that persist throughout a child’s education, regardless of their continuation in music studies.

The Music Education Strategy is investigating ways to make sure children and young people can access the benefits of music in schools. This includes understanding local, national and international music education practices. The strategy will explore ways South Australian teachers, schools, families, communities, and children and young people, understand and engage with music.


Consultation for the Music Education Strategy is now closed.

This page will continue to be updated as more information is released.

Strategic priority areas

Eight strategic priorities will guide the development of the Music Education Strategy to ensure it is evidence-based and focussed on outcomes.  The priorities are to:

  • understand the benefits of music education
  • increase the availability of a continuous, sequential and developmental music education, from early childhood to year 12
  • connect music education  services with early childhood services and schools
  • support music teachers in early childhood services and schools
  • support leadership and resourcing for music education in early childhood services and schools
  • encourage children and young people to become interested in music education
  • support young people to work and study in the music industry
  • develop partnerships to help meet the goals of all priority areas.


Music education strategy

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Email: education.musicstrategy [at] sa.gov.au