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Child safety in the Swimming and Aquatics unit

The Department for Education has well-defined roles and responsibilities that its staff have towards the safety and wellbeing of young people.

Instructor requirements

Instructors and assistant instructors must have a child related employment screening from the Department for Human Services (DHS) before they can be employed by the Swimming and Aquatics unit. All staff must also have training in responding to child abuse and neglect.

Parent or guardian consent

To participate in water safety activities, a student's parent or guardian must complete the water safety program consent form.

Child safety policies

The department uses guidelines such as protective practices for staff in their interactions with children and young people PDF (506KB).

There is information on protective practices for parents and caregivers.

There are other guidelines on child safety that the Swimming and Aquatics unit uses:



Water safety team

Phone: 8416 5920
Fax: 8115 5558
Email: Educationswimaquatics [at] sa.gov.au