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Interstate sport selection nomination process

Interstate selection information including trial details and the nomination process is available on each specific sports page from the sports and competitions page. The nomination process must be completed before the sport’s first selection trial or by the date shown on the specific sports page.

Not all sports have an online nomination – make sure that you follow the correct process.

Who can nominate

Nominations will only be accepted from students attending schools affiliated with School Sport SA.

Selection and trials

Nominees should possess well-above average ability and experience. Any selection in a team must have the principal's endorsement.

Nominations for state trials mean that you agree to attend the trials.

Students will be expected to attend trials in Adelaide at their own expense. Attendance for country students can be negotiated.

Attendance and travel

Students selected must pay for travel to attend required practices, airfares, accommodation, transport, food, uniforms and event levies.

There are some requirements when travelling in a team:

  • All state team members aged 12 years and under travel to the championship as a team. Parents who go with their children must provide their own accommodation when at the championship.
  • All state team members aged 13 years and older will travel and stay together as a team. Exemptions are possible when championships are hosted in Adelaide.

Dates and venues

School Sport SA will enter teams in the sports listed on the table below. Please check age limits carefully.

Sport Age Dates Venue
Australian football 12 and under

1 to 8 August 2020

Adelaide, SA

Australian football 14 and under

8 to 15 August 2020

Darwin, NT

Baseball 18 and under

26 April to 3 May 2020

Lismore, NSW

Basketball 12 and under

15 to 21 August 2020

Bendigo, VIC

Cricket 12 and under

7 to 14 November 2020

Bendigo, VIC

Cross country 10 to 19 years

21 to 24 August 2020

Adelaide, SA

Football (soccer) 12 and under

13 to 19 September2020

Darwin, NT

Football (soccer) 16 and under boys

13 to 18 September 2020

Glenwood, NSW

Football (soccer) 18 and under girls

13 to 18 September 2020

Glenwood, NSW

Golf 12 and under

8 to 12 November 2020

Canberra, ACT

Golf 18 and under

23 to 28 August 2020

Bellarine Peninsula, VIC

Hockey 12 and under

16 to 21 August 2020

Canberra, ACT

Hockey 16 and under

1 to 8 August 2020

Hobart, TAS

Netball 12 and under

13 to 19 September 2020

Sydney, NSW

Netball 15 and under

18 to 24 July 2020

Canberra, ACT

Rugby league 12 and under

1 to 8 August 2020

Perth, WA

Softball 12 and under

22 to 27 November 2020

Melbourne, VIC

Softball 17 and under

9 to 16 May 2020

Perth, WA

Swimming 10 to 12 years

 8 to 12 August 2020

Brisbane, QLD

Swimming 13 to 19 years

5 to 8 August2020

Brisbane, QLD

Tennis 12 and under

17 to 24 October 2020

Canberra, ACT

Tennis 18 and under

2 to 9 May 2020

Perth, WA

Touch football 12 and under

 1 to 6 November 2020

Wagga Wagga, NSW

Touch football 15 and under

1 to 6 November 2020

Wagga Wagga, NSW

Track and field 12 and under

20 to 24 November 2020

Cairns, QLD

Triathlon 13 to 19 years

22 to 25March 2020

Hervey Bay, QLD

Volleyball 15 and under

15 to 21 August 2020

Brisbane, QLD


School Sport SA

Phone: 8416 5900
Email: education.schoolsportsa [at] sa.gov.au