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Adam Lefstein

Adam began at the Branco Weiss Institute in Jerusalem in 1997, working as teacher, facilitator of in-service teacher learning, curriculum developer, lecturer, Director of the Critical Thinking program, and Director of the Community of Thinking program. 

Theoretical and practical problems that have most occupied his attention include:

  • developing classroom community
  • teacher curricular development
  • empowering teacher facilitation
  • effective training of facilitators
  • classroom management
  • enacting whole-school change
  • development of an inter-school network. 

Currently Adam is on leave from the institute and is a visiting fellow at Kings College, University of London working as a curriculum coordinator on the 'Ethnography Language and Communication' training program.

Adam's academic studies include doctoral research at Kings College London exploring how teachers respond to, interpret and enact highly prescriptive curricula in the context of the English National Literacy Strategy, Cultural Studies and Hermeneutics at Bar Ilan University, Sociology of Education at Tel Aviv University, and a BA degree in International Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.




Teaching for Effective Learning

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