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Dr Chris Goldspink

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Dr Chris Goldspink has fifteen years experience as an internal and external consultant in organisation and management improvement.  He has had senior and middle management experience and maintains an interest in practical management in both the public and private sectors, teaching and consulting in both.  His areas of expertise include information technology, education, organisational management and public sector reform. 

Chris currently holds the position of Research Fellow with the Department of Sociology, University of Surrey where he is working on the Emergence in the Loop Project (EMIL), focussed on the development of understanding the relationship between micro and macro order in self-organising social systems, using a combination of empirical research and computer simulation. 

Chris has a Graduate Diploma in Social Ecology and PhD, both from the University of Western Sydney.  He has taught at post-graduate level in Australia, New Zealand and throughout South East Asia and regularly publishes in a number of academic journals. 

Chris is a key researcher with learning to learn in the area of education reform and measurement of student involvement and wellbeing.   He is currently working with the initiative to develop pedagogy tools for the South Australian Teaching for Effective Learning Compass.



Teaching for Effective Learning

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