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Dr George Otero and Susan Chambers-Otero

Dr George Otero

Dr George Otero is founder and co-president of The Center For Relational Learning in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

In partnership with Susan Chambers-Otero, George established the Centre For Relational Learning after successfully operating an educational training centre in Taos, NM for twenty years.

George Otero is also founder and director of Las Palomas, a non-profit educational centre, started in 1977, devoted to innovative educational programs for the 21st Century. He has designed and facilitated over 500 workshops and retreats for business, school, community and youth groups. Tailoring programs and workshops on art, culture, history, education, organizational change and cross-cultural communication has served over 40,000 people and hundreds of diverse organizations since its inception 22 years ago.

George believes passionately in the power of dialogue to address global multi-cultural education issues facing our rapidly changing society. Under the auspices of George Otero and Associates and Sun/Moon, he consults nationally and internationally with educational communities, most recently in Australia and England.

Susan Chambers-Otero

Susan Chambers-Otero is a consultant, counsellor, teacher and student. As co-founder and director of the Centre for RelationaLearning (CRL), Susan has extensive experience working with teachers, students, administrators, educational leaders and artists in multi-cultural communities focussing on transformational education. As an approach to school improvement, Susan and Dr. George Otero developed and implemented the RelationaLearningTM Model.

Prior to founding CRL, Susan was co-director of the multicultural learning centre, Las Palomas de Taos, New Mexico focussing on developing and presenting innovative educational programs that expanded people's understanding of the world, art, culture, and history of the Southwest.

As a national and international consultant, Susan has presented throughout the U.S., England, Canada, and Australia to educational and community leaders, assisting them to re-think their role as educators. She has established study tours with educators, community partners and youth to promote cultural exchange and leadership development encouraging their role as change agents.

Susan has a special interest in working with indigenous peoples and rural communities with strong histories and identities. She has worked in collaboration with Dr. George Otero to bring all sectors and ages from a community together to work on their own improvement.

She has earned a Masters of Education degree from Wake Forest University in North Carolina and a Masters in Counseling at Southwestern College in Santa Fe, NM. She is co-author of two position papers and the book, ‘RelationaLearning: Education for Mind, Body and Spirit’ and is currently working private practice.




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