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Dr Jonathan Sharples

Dr Jonathan Sharples is currently the Deputy Director of the Institute for the Future of the Mind in the United Kingdom.  Jonathan has a Masters degree and D.Phil in biochemistry, from Oxford University. He has previously worked in academic research, the pharmaceutical industry, education, and science communication. 

Jonathan is exploring how an understanding of developments in brain-science research can be used to help inform education policy and practice.

A key part of this work is considering how young people's increasing intimacy with digital technologies may influence key abilities and cognitive skills. Jonathan coordinates the activities of the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group in Scientific Research in Learning and Education, which is considering how understandings from brain-science research may be used more effectively to inform government policy.

Recently, Dr Jonathan Sharples presented at a joint SAPPA/Learning to Learn workshop titled The Learning Brain: executive functions in education.

Below are articles and papers mentioned during the presentation. 

Learning brain workshop resources

Brain and behaviour articles


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