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Professor Martin Westwell

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Professor Martin Westwell is the inaugural Director of the Flinders Centre for Science Education in the 21st Century, South Australia that supports quality teaching and innovation in science and mathematics education. After completing his degree and PhD at Cambridge University, Martin moved to Oxford University as a Research Fellow in biological and medical sciences.

After a career in the biotech industry and a number of science innovation and science education organisations, Martin returned to Oxford University in 2005 as the Deputy Director of the Institute for the Future of the Mind where he ran the research program on the influence of modern lifestyles and technologies on the minds of the young and old.

Martin has won a number of awards for engaging non‐scientists with science including, in 1999, being named by The Times newspaper as the Scientist of the New Century.

Martin is interested in the use of evidence-informed practice and decision-making in education and research about the translation of evidence and laboratory science into education in an ecologically valid way. For example, with an education project worth $2M, funded by the Commonwealth Government’s Australian Space Research Program, Martin used evidence from the cognitive sciences to inform the ways in which the processes of research might be effectively incorporated in senior secondary education, using airborne analogues of earth observation satellites technologies.

In early years education and development, Martin has worked with educators to co-construct an understanding of children’s cognitive development particularly focusing on executive functions (a strong predictor of positive outcomes at school and beyond).